Cats Versus Dogs

” I always thought you had a lot of sense! How can you actually love cats?”

“Oh yeah? Even I can’t believe that you love those filthy, ugly, stinky beasts you call dogs!”

“Same here. Cats actually lick themselves clean. So whenever you pet them, the cat’s dirty saliva is directly ABSORBED by you!!! They’re so damn risky!”

“Whom are you calling risky? Cats? Ha ha, good joke. You never know when that affectionate nip that dogs give will directly transfer rabies to you. Dogs are, dogs are, so..”

“Useful? Yes, they’re useful! They guard our houses!”

“We are in the 20th century, pal, not in the 16th.”

“They are loyal, unlike your dumb cats!”

“Oh, shut up. Don’t try to cover up. Admit it, cats are far more useful in this age than dogs.”

“Oh, really? Tell me now, what do they do? Come on, tell me?”

“They catch rats and roaches…”

“Modern tech can do that too!!!”

“Cats are more…economical than dogs. No need to walk them, no need to buy incredibly expensive accessories for them…”

“Dogs are better looking, you know!”

“Can both of you shut up, please? I am not able to focus! Jet, I don’t know why you have this inferiority complex that cats are better than dogs. As for you, Ginger, I know you are simply annoying Jet by saying dogs are better than cats! Dogs will be dogs and cats will be cats! For now, just shut up!”

(Note – I love both cats and dogs equally. This is just an argument and I’m seriously not involved in both the sides!)

 For Writing 101, Day Seven




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