School’s Out!

When the final bell rings, there is a silent whoop of joy in the class. The clear ringing of the bell signifies the end of a day long of torture. The students plead with their eyes for the teacher to get out quick, instead of going around the class. As soon as she jaunts out, the students laugh and talk. They take their time getting their things and strut around the corridor with leisure. Alas for them, as the school volunteers yell at them to keep in the line. So again, time slows down and the line seems to move down the stairs slower then ever.

But this scene changes drastically downstairs.Boys yell and scream, the girls stroll the grounds, gossiping with leisure. But time flies, and soon, it is time to go home. Students are angry at being stopped in mid-conversation, but they sigh and resign to their fates as teachers drive them outside with pleasure.

But the conversation continues outside, especially ones about terrible teachers discussed with vigor. Well, well, students will be students, no matter what. All this chatter continues until they reach their destinations – bus stops, car pool, home, whatever.

Looking at this scene from my mind’s eye has proved to be enjoyable, indeed.

For Writing 101, Day Eight


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