The Sweater

A man and a woman walk through the park together, holding hands. They pass an old woman sitting on a bench. The old woman is knitting a small, red sweater. The man begins to cry. Write this scene from each person’s point of view.

The Man’s POV

Well, well. What a climate. What a day. Hey, what is wrong with that lady? She is knitting something, a sweater! Omigosh, it is spring now! My wife and I are walking, holding hands, and here, this grandma is knitting sweaters. It’s so small, so tiny. It definitely won’t fit her. Maybe it’s for her grandkids, I expect. Mmmm…Thinking of grandmas and sweaters is making me think of the hot soup my granny used to make. Nothing in the world matches that taste. I don’t know why Jane never makes stuff like that. Old times were sweet times. How time changes…Poor, poor grandma. The last time I saw her, she went out into a snow storm to buy me some cereals, just because I felt like eating it and had thrown a tantrum.  The next day, she caught pneumonia and died a week later. All because of me. All because of me. Sob!

Oh no, I’ve started crying! What shall I say to her now, what shall I say? Quick, think, think! Aha! Got it! “Dearest, don’t you think it’s so dusty today? My eyes are watering, what with this pollen and all!” Well done, my boy. She won’t suspect a thing!

The Woman’s POV

What a lovely day. It’s been a while since Jake and I went walking in this romantic fashion. I’m sure he’s sick of it now, never liked romance, poor fellow. Well! That sweet old lady is knitting a sweater! Poor thing, her daughter must be expecting a baby, I think. I’ve always wanted to knit a sweater, but I never learnt it. Shame. When I was twelve, my dear granny wanted to teach me, but I refused. I thought it would be ‘girlish’. What a tomboy I was then! I can’t believe that everything changes over time so drastically!

Tomboy to Lady is a change I never expected! Ha ha ha…Wait, why is Jake crying? “Jake! Why are you crying?!” Dust and pollen? What a likely excuse. I never knew or saw tears flowing so freely over ‘dust and pollen’. I’ll deal with it later, not now in front of everyone.

The Old Woman’s POV

What a lovely day! I always enjoy spring, it brings youth and vigor to these tired old limbs. A couple holding hands? How sweet! I remember how George and I walked in parks like these in our youth! Well, times are changed now, I guess. The poor man is six feet under the ground now. I hope Lily names the child after George. That is, if it’s a boy. If it’s a girl, I’d rather name her Rachel, though Jim wants to name her Selena or something. What sort of names these new generation keep! We always kept sensible names in our family. I would rather have a grandson named George than a granddaughter named Selena. What a weird name.

Hey, why’s that man over there crying? Maybe’s it’s a argument with his wife, young couples usually fight so much. George and I never fought. Well, well, as I say, old times are always good times.

For Writing 101, Day Nine


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