When I Met Dia

(Note -This is a story based on a real person. The name has been changed to protect their privacy.)

The first word that struck me when I met Dia was soft. Her honest black eyes, which were framed behind her amber spectacles, spoke of affection and friendliness. Her ever-smiling face spoke of cheeriness.Her silky soft hair was braided and looked wonderful behind her ears. Though she looked common place and homely, she just looked the sort of jolly person with whom you could make friends.

Well, appearances are sometimes deceptive. Not so with Dia. She proved to be every bit the kind and friendly person I predicted her to be – but with her peculiar knack for talking of ghosts and cats in one breath, she freaked us all a bit.

It seems she had many cats, all of which died under suspicious conditions. Her favorite cat, a white one with brown splotches, had ‘committed suicide’ by drinking ‘some poisonous chemicals’ in her garage. According to her, a young girl had committed suicide there and a husband had killed his wife. She believed that cats could see the supernatural, and believed that ghosts had made the cat take the extreme step to ‘hush her up’.

I own a cat, who is carrying. Needless to say, this incident freaked me out. For a week after that, I followed Snowflake (that’s my cat) around to see whether she reacted averse to some places in my house.

Whenever Dia is recounting one of her ghost stories, the (once) friendly black eyes turn to that of a maniac. Though she blabbed all the tales in her usual calm-and-friendly voice, it had an edge to it.

Needless to say, she’s one of the most interesting persons I have ever met.

For Writing 101, Day Six


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