IPL Forever!!!

NO! NO! This CANNOT happen! And if it DOES happen, I CANNOT live!!!

Okay. Cool down, girl, cool down.

Just because the underworld don took over the IPL (Indian Premier League) does not mean you can stop enjoying it. But NO! The crazy guy’s gonna CANCEL it, JUST BECAUSE that match’s organizer didn’t give him a FREE ticket??? What the hell!!!

Sob! That means no more fun-filled vacations with cousins, munching snacks and cheering your favorite team ( Go RR Go!!!)…No more disputes with friends over the best-looking cricketer (And I still say it IS Virat Kohli ❤ ❤ )…No more celebrations and deliberations over the team ruling the roost (whether CSK or RCB)…And no more mad running around the house screaming with joy, or wailing with sorrow, over your fave team’s victory or defeat. No more fun thinking of awesome overseas players playing for your home team (Shane Watson and RR is a match made in IPL heaven). Oh damn.A great family-bonding league will be lost forever.

Well, I have to resort to other means to watch my fave form of cricket. No more telly watching. Switch to the Internet. Hail You Tube! But oh well, that mafia can’t bear to see us happy, so I guess he’ll block that too…

Why is my life so miserable suddenly???

For Writing 101, Day Fifteen


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