To Hunter-Gatherers, With Love

Dear Hunter-Gatherers,

We modern humans don’t understand you. Okay, we are all fine with the hunting-animals-and-grossly-eating-them part. But still, the big question is: HOW DID YOU LIVE WITHOUT SOCIAL NETWORKS???

Yeah, even though we don’t have the pain of hunting and gathering food, our life doesn’t depend on that. It depends on social networks. Frankly, we cant live a sec without it. How did ya guys connect with distant relatives and friends without social networks???

Din’t ya think ‘twould be difficult to express yourself without πŸ™‚ πŸ˜› , and chat without LOL, ROFL, ABCD, etc.? Won’t your life be just spent on typing these long words?

We wonder how you managed. Reply back, please (if you know how to write, that is).


Modern Humans

(P.S. – I hope you can read!!!)

For Writing 101, Day Fourteen


8 thoughts on “To Hunter-Gatherers, With Love

  1. “Dear Modern People

    Since we mastered social technology so early on, you’re probably robots. We hope you can read this style of writing, so different is it from your computer programs and codes.


    I like the post. I spent some time a while thinking ago, what if H-G’s had this level of technology, and the above is what I decided on. It’s a bit sad to realize that the next generations (and this one, to an extent) can’t remember time before a social network.

    Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

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    • Madvanthi says:

      Thanks for that awesome reply! I was thinking the same thing too, as I joined social network only a year ago. When I looked at my addicted friends, I felt awful, and deactivated my FB account. That sure made my life up!
      Thanks again for that wonderful reply!!!


      • My pleasure. I haven’t quite reached the stage of deactivating, but mainly because I go on so rarely you could pretty much say the account is dead anyway. I find it especially annoying when you’re in the computer lab to print something and people are clogging up the terminals with their FB feeds… Gah.



  2. I hear what you’re saying. Nicely ironic post.

    When I first started blogging I signed up for every possible social media site. That lasted about as long as it took me to realize they were just wasting what little time I have online.

    Now it’s WordPress and Twitter. The long and the short. *grin*


    • Madvanthi says:

      Thank you. It takes plenty of courage to drop social networking sites. My advice to all my readers? Don’t join them. They’re incredibly addictive and a waste of your time (unless you’re blogging, that is…) πŸ˜›


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