Music Review: Aashiqui 2

Okay, I know that this is a totally pointless topic I’ve picked up, but I love these songs so much that I felt I HAD to write a review on this brilliant music score of Aashiqui 2. The film itself was beautiful, dealing with the subject of alcoholism and its effects on relationships.

The background score, in one word: Fabulous.

Jeet Ganguli has done excellent work in composing the background score. Despite the conflicting emotions in all of the songs, the melodious feel is maintained.

As for Mithoon Tiwari, hats off. He has composed the two chart-toppers in this film – Tum Hi Ho (You are the one) and Sunn Raha Hai (Are You Listening?)

Here is a mini-review of all the songs:

Sunn Raha HaiIn one word: Brilliance personified. Ankit Tiwari’s melodious voice rings out as the essence of this youthful song (on a sad note) reaches the listener.

Sunn Raha Hai (Female): Shreya Ghoshal does a wonderful job of rendering this song, accompanied by Shraddha Kapoor’s tearful acting.

Milne Hai Mujse AayiLiterally meaning ‘She Has Come To Meet Me’, the song surveys the bitterness of a broken heart to the one who broke it. One of my favourite songs by Arijit Singh (apart from Tum Hi Ho, that is).

Bhula Dena : Makes you cry. Heals broken hearts.

Piya Aayen Na: This song, along with its powerful lyrics, captures the pain of a broken heart, which is trying to let go of the shadows of its past. A gem of a song, it is very sad that it did not get the much required popularity.

Aasan Nahi Yahan: Meaning ‘It Is Not Easy Here’, this song discusses the difficulty of being a faithful lover and understanding the meaning of what it is to be one. I think Arijit Singh should have worked better in his voice modulations over here, as the song ended up like somebody screeching in pain (though I loved the lyrics).

Chahun Mai Ya Na: ‘Should I Want Or Not’ is the main theme of this song, sung melodiously by Palak Mucchal. Sung lightly by the good combination with Arijit Singh, this was the only light-hearted song in the film.

Hum Mar Jayenge: Incredibly cheerful song, which is about what will happen if one in the couple dies.

Tum Hi HoSaving the best for the last. Arijit Singh proves his mettle once again in modern India’s most loved love song. I will advise translating the lyrics to anyone who doesn’t understand Hindi.

Meri Aashiqui: ‘My Lover’ sounds pretty much like Tum Hi Ho, except that even Palak Mucchal joins in for this soulful melody. It could have been much, much better, with some more stress put on changing the lyrics, so that it didn’t end up sounding like a carbon copy of Tum Hi Ho.

Aashiqui: The Love Theme: Just listening to this wordless expression of love makes your heart melt. Could have been better, though, by just adding a bit more tremor to this much-needed theme.

I just loved this absolutely wonderful film and BGM. And for those who frankly don’t have the patience to listen to all these songs, just try and listen to the Aashiqui 2 Mashup. It is a work of genius by itself.

For Writing 101, Day Nineteen.


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