Book Review: N or M?

N or M?

N or M?

For the Re-Read Challenge 2015.

Title – N or M?

Author – Agatha Christie

Pages – 304

GenreDetective Fiction

Patriotism is not enough…there must be no hatred in my heart.

– Nurse Edith Cavell

Having this iconic Nurse Cavell quote repeated throughout the book, N or M? is one of the most entertaining works of Christie. Set during the World War II, it stars Thomas and Prudence Beresford, aka Tommy and Tuppence.

While the RAF is busy keeping the Luftwaffe at bay, Britain faces greater risk from the enemy within – Nazis posing as ordinary English citizens.

Tommy and Tuppence, now middle-aged, are appointed by the Intelligence to track down N and M, two Fifth Columnists among the colourful guests at Sans Souci. Their task is made tougher by the fact that these spies have just murdered Britain’s finest agent. Will Tommy and Tuppence succeed?

This book shows Christie’s calibre at combining entertainment with logic. Tommy and Tuppence are extremely lovable and will have you laughing with them throughout. Their suspects range from a mother of one to an army general, keeping you hooked on till the end.

This is the second time I am reading this book, but still, it had me hanging on tenterhooks to identify N and M.

I’ll rate it **** out of *****

Have fun reading!


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