Ironic, huh?

Thank you for obliging! I’m flattered. Really.

Quizzically Challenged

So I’ve been asked by Madvanthi from The Epic Blog to write a review of her Irony series. As far as I know, I have no qualifications whatsoever to review such a work, and I was wondering whether it was okay to do so without seeming too presumptuous (!!). However, all those doubts vanished when I actually read the series, and I discovered that the few pieces I’d just read had made a huge impression on me. That was when I decided: yes, I’m going to write this review, and I’m going to make it absolutely perfect, because I’m going to write about a series which I’ve absolutely loved reading through.

The entire series is based on certain incidents from the Mahabharata, specifically those which portray the rivalry between Arjuna and Karna. To those who are familiar with the usual narrations of this great epic (especially those who’ve had to…

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