Abyss And Dawn

You pushed me,

Into the deepest abyss of my mind,

Filled with dark, shapeless, nameless, fears,

Black as the  endless night,

And without its moon and stars.

You enjoyed my torment,

My pain and suffering,

While trying to conceal,

Your own fears,

Haunted by the truth of my words.

Alas, you forgot,

That day follows night.

That somehow, somewhere,

I’ll live to see orange staining the sky,

With the cool breeze wafting across my face.

With the birds twittering,

With all the peace and calm,

That follows sunrise,

I’ll somehow find a way,

To smile at the world again.

Because one day,

You’ll be the one,

Staring at the pitch black

Of your dark heart,

Regretting the wrong you’ve done to me.

Another thanks goes to Mara Eastern’s Poetry 101 Rehab for this awesome prompt.

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