I Am INFP!!!



SO. I took this cool, free MBTI test here, and I discovered that my MBTI type is INFP-Assertive!!! Generally known as a dreamy, peace-loving type, we INFPs are idealistic and value our ethics more than anything else.

Everything I read on that page seemed to ring a chord with me and helped me discover more about myself. Why not take this test yourself? I’m dying to know which type you are!

23 thoughts on “I Am INFP!!!

  1. I’m an INTP. I took this test a long time back and couldn’t believe at how true the descriptions were. INTPs are rarer than INFP. I forgot what the T stands for though. Intuitive? Intuitive vs Feeling? I guess that’s it.


  2. I’m also INFP and, I gotta be honest-it’s not easy being the “mediator” because you often forget yourself. This healthy doze of egoism is easily neglected and, frankly-we all should think for ourselves every once in a while. Otherwise, we’d end up miserable and turn into 2-faced people. 🙂


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