This goes out to you…



Mind-bogglingly insane

Or so sensible that it kills me

Optimistic and ever ready for a bit of fun

Never seen you angry (thankfully)

Indeed lovely with ivory skin and ebony hair

Sweet, smart and sassy

Always there for a friend, no matter what.

Happy birthday to you!


Wishing you common sense, brains, and an even larger heart on 13th April. Many happy returns to the infernally awesome  M••n¡$@# .  And yeah, this is my birthday gift to you. No more expectations!



P.S. – And thanks for the promotion!


4 thoughts on “This goes out to you…

    • Hi! I’m really honored (and am blushing) that you consider me an experienced blogger.
      I like your blog. The layout is clean and proper, and is pleasing to the eyes. The writing is good. However, I think that a few typos are there here and there. Also, a rookie mistake (which I still continue making 😦 ), leave a space after a full stop before beginning a new sentence. It makes the text easier to read!
      Overall, I like your blog, and would surely love to visit the places you’ve mentioned in Seattle (though I’ve never gone abroad)! Lovely use of pictures in your post.
      Cheers and all the best!

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