Strange, how I never saw you

For who you were

And you never saw me

For who I was.

But still.

Your elegant handwriting

Is imprinted in my mind.

Like leaves between the pages

Of a book that was left behind.

But still.

The sounds the keypad made

When I dialled your number

Ring as fresh and familiar

As the rhythm of my heart.

But still.

Your jibes, your taunts,

Your needs, your wants

Get drowned in the memory

Of your tinkling laughter.


Strange, how time can make

Hell seem beautiful

As if it were viewed through

Rose-tinted glasses.


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Officially, the year ends today. Here is a brief overview of my life this year.

The Good

On the academic front, life rocked. I excelled at everything relating to studies. Told you before, I’m a nerd 😛 I forged a bond with my crazy cousins (finally).I shed my complain-box nature and became more accepting. I stopped being judgmental. I learnt to differentiate between true friends and fair-weather friends. I became more trusting. I was finally accepted by my classmates despite all my flaws.

The Bad

I discovered that I was very, VERY jealous and possessive (typical Scorpio traits). I broke my heart over and over again over the wrong person. I earned a crappy reputation in front of my parents by being in the wrong company, and doing silly things on the sly. I’d lost my parents’ trust, and am still working to regain it. And yeah, I still continue to suck at sports. Damn.

The Ugly

Well, the ugliness was the worst part of this year. I found out that my best friend had spread malicious rumors about me. We are not friends anymore now. My ex-crush knows that I had a mad crush on him. Even more disheartening was to discover that a girl whom I considered my friend turned out to be a bitchy back-stabber (who, incidentally, has a crush on my ex-crush). I spent months locked up in my room and cried. I wrote pages in my diary, dripping with angst and sorrow. I lost many nights sleep, I developed an addiction to oily food, cocoa, and caffeine (I got rid of them now, though).


  • To get rid of laziness (impossible)
  • To blog once a week (maybe possible)
  • To forgive and forget
  • To simply let it go

Now, I realize my stupidity, and learnt valuable lessons from them.

I hope no one suffers a fate like mine.

A very happy and prosperous New Year to my pals in the blogosphere 🙂


A Friend Like You

“You stood by me,

When I was suffering…

You consoled me,

When I was crying…

You supported me,

When I was struggling.

What would I do,

Without a friend like you?


You know my darkest secret,

And my worst moments.

Even though you know me completely,

You always discover something new in me.

You have contributed to my success,

And helped me overcome my failures.

What would I do,

Without a friend like you?”

These are the first stanzas of the poem written by Krina, my best friend, and I last year for our school magazine (which never got published). We brainstormed this one, spending only one week for drafting,writing, editing, rewriting, and submitting the poem. I am proud to say that it received much appreciation from our jealous classmates.


Krina and I were more like best frenemies, I guess, We both had incredibly conflicting personalities – she was an extroverted, pretty, social butterfly; and I, an introverted, reclusive bookworm. We were not meant to be an example of perfect friendship.

Every other day, we’d yell at each other (okay, she’d rarely yell, I was the one who did all the yelling). Stuff like hearing “Don’t judge me, okay! Do you know ANYTHING about my life?” and “You…You used me! You used me completely like…like a tissue paper!!!” were common to our classmates. Often, these things sounded so stupid and cliched to ourselves that as soon as we said it, we’d forget our argument and start rolling on the floor with laughter. Such was our friendship.


Despite all our conflicts, we both had a common dream: to grow up, do well in our respective careers (Krina wants to be a vet while I want to be a lawyer, yeah, I love arguing), become rich, and then build a free school for poor kids with a pet shelter attached. Odd as it may seem, the school idea was Krina’s and the pet shelter idea was mine.

We have already designed the uniform, wanting it to be modern and snazzy, unlike our current uniform (which looks like something out of a 1940’s black-and-white TV). Our modern ideas don’t want to trouble kids with books. Solution? Use tabs!!! The school won’t have the same, old, boring model making – it’ll have cool, virtual 3D models. And most importantly, we won’t have the boring, drowsy teacher-student school – we’ll redefine the meaning of school. And we still hope that we will become rich enough to implement all these ideas – for free.


One vivid memory I cherish with my friends is the day I gobbled Krina’s lunch. She had brought this delicious aloo paratha to school. Hindi, the (then) most boring subject had just gotten over, and my friends and I were starving. I had brought a banana (ugh!!!) and my friends had fared no better. So when Krina opened her box of deliciously warm aloo paratha and sauce, it was too much to resist. Provided that her mom was an excellent cook. Suffice to say, I went home with a full stomach and an empty mind, thanking Krina, while Krina went home with an empty stomach and and a full mind – plotting revenge.




Our tastes vastly differed in music too. While I desired melodious pieces by Arijit Singh, Krina preferred Yo Yo Honey Singh’s rap. As a result: conflict. However, we overcame these differences very soon, and started liking the other’s faves. Now, I love Blue Eyes and she loves Milne Hai Mujse Aayi. In fact, it is more than that, we both are avid followers of both Arijit Singh and Yo Yo Honey Singh.

All said and done, we both are inter-dependent on each other. We live in a symbiotic relationship. Even now, whenever I am incredibly upset, I call her, have a good cry, get consolation, start smiling, and keep the phone. The same goes for her too.

What would I do without a friend like you, Krina???

For Writing 201, Finding Your Angle and Mystery Ending.

The ‘Sporting’ Spirit: Part 1

Note: This is a series of misadventures in my attempts to be noticed in the sporting world of my school. These are intended to be of humorous nature (though they’re real, of course) and are not to be taken seriously.

When I was a child, I was always made to think that I rock at everything. Well, parents tend to do that a bit. But what happened was that I grew a bit overconfident.

See, till now, I’ve always rocked at academics. Never have I gone below the grade of A2 in my class. Yeah, people call me nerd, bookworm, and all that, but they know who’s the boss when they need help in studies.

But I always wanted to prove my mettle in sports. I had huge dreams of being on TV channels, with the anchor saying, ‘This young lady here is not only the school topper, she’s also the best sportsperson in her district!!!’ and that sort of stuff.

My dreams started failing from kindergarten itself. We had an obstacle race. Three people competed, I and two of my best friends. The race was pretty simple, actually. Large chairs were placed in a garden. You had to run from the starting point to the ending, and back to the starting again, either by jumping over, or ducking under the obstacles.

The race begin. I envisioned myself as swift as the wind. I jumped over the chairs and reached the end point first. Confident of winning on the way back, I decided to try something different. Instead of jumping over, I tried ducking. That proved fatal. I got stuck.

Needless to say, by the time I was out, my friends were given the gold and silver medal. Sorry, no bronze medal for you, they said.

Till this day, I hate obstacle races.

For Writing 101, Day Four