An Interview With Apps

Friendships are very queer. I met my closest friend, Apps, by a freak accident. We both were travelling in the same bus. I had left my identity card there by mistake. The next morning, Apps returned it. This was the beginning of a friendship that would blossom one day into sisterhood.

Apart from being a great friend and an annoying chatter-box, she is a talented artist and dancer. Well-known by Bengalureans, she has very kindly agreed to give me her interview for my Blogging 201 assignment.

Please do note that Apps is NOT her real name (she has a holy horror about her friends reading this interview). Probably, seeing the usage of her nickname, ‘Apps’ itself might make her kill me when she reads this.

Here goes nothing.

You are well-known for your paintings and dances. What are your other passions?

Ha, ha, you covered my interests pretty well in your first question itself. But you know, I just LOVE reading. And swimming. And badminton. Not that I find time for it these days, what with hectic school work, dance classes, and drawing classes…

Your paintings stand out because of their originality. From where do you get your ideas?

Personal innovation.

Your favorite artist?

Raja Ravi Varma. He has class.

Your artwork usually includes powerful portrayal of social injustices and environmental issues. Is there a reason behind them, or is it just coincidence?

(laughs) Maybe a mix of both. Most competitions usually require me to paint about such issues.

But yes, I admit that as a feminist, many of my paintings feature the injustice meted out to girls, especially in India. I would like to spread awareness on issues like female infanticide, girl child education, Hindu Code Bill, etc.

As for the environment…well, as they say, paint nature for a brighter future.

Prizes you have won for painting?

I hope your readers don’t think I’m showing off, but I just am too modest. Anyways, here are a few:

1. First Prize won consecutively for two years in Drawing Competition organised by Karnataka Forest Department whose Prizes are given by H’ble Governor of Karnataka during Oct. 2010 and Oct. 2011.
2. First Prize secured in Young World Painting Competition organised by The Hindu-NIE Initiative during Nov. 2011.
3. First Prize won consecutively during June 2010 and June 2011 in Painting Competition conducted by Karnataka State Pollution Control Board. In June 2010, Prize was given by H’ble Chief Minister of Karnataka and in June 2011, Prize was given by Sri Chandrashekar Kambara, Jnanapeet Awardee.
4. Distinction and First Rank in Karnataka State in Lower Grade Drawing Examination conducted by Karnataka Secondary Education Board.

Other than these, I’ve been awarded by ISRO, Kids For Tigers, and have been awarded by the Governor of Karnataka four times for Achievement in the Field of Art.

Your message to budding artists?

Paint your passion, not what others tell you.

Whoa, I’m impressed. What about dancing? Since when have you been dancing?

Since when have I NOT been dancing? Dancing is as natural as breathing to me, and I’ve been dancing for a long, long time now.

Favourite dance forms which you’ve learnt?

Officially, I’m learning Bharatanatyam and Mohiniattam. Unofficially, I know a bit of Kathak, Kuchipudi, and Contemporary Dance. As for favourites, no discrimination!

Your dance aspirations?

To complete my arangetam. And to dance till I drop.

Rapid Fire

  • Favourite Actor – Hrithik Roshan
  • Favourite Actress – Deepika Padukone
  • Favourite Film – Happy New Year, 3 Idiots, Taare Zameen Par
  • Favourite Song – Tough one. I give up.





All the names have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals, much as I wish otherwise. Oops, I must be forgiving! Also for Blogging 201.

It all began when Mohan asked me, ‘Why don’t you show us the right answers during exams?’

‘Because I’m very sincere and honest,’ I replied curtly. Priyanka, who was sitting next to me, giggled. Being the class topper meant that I had to hear the same rubbish every day.

‘Is it why you have not yet told him that you love him?’ Mohan asked, a slow, lecherous grinning spreading across his pimpled face. I froze.

There was NO WAY anybody could know about my feelings for him. NO WAY meant NO WAY. The only soul (apart from my cousins, scattered across the country) who knew this secret was my best friend, Sweetie. And there was absolutely NO WAY she would have told that to anyone. Especially Mohan.

‘I don’t believe it,’ I replied. I could feel Priyanka’s dark eyes boring through me, curious about my secret crush.

‘Don’t you? Well then, for all your grades, you are a fool. The biggest fool I’ve ever seen. While we were playing hide and seek in Sweetie’s house, she told me, Asha, Cathy, and him. How you cried and cried over him. Ask her if you want,’ Mohan challenged.

Things that had seemed very silly and random before made perfect sense now. The memory was clear as day. The day I visited Sweetie’s house with her pals. Heaven was on Earth that day.

The unanimous decision to play hide and seek (ultimately kiddish at that time); everyone’s vote to make me the seeker; malicious looks from everyone when I talked with him; his vain attempts to defend me from Mohan’s spiteful remarks; Sweetie’s superior behaviour after the game; oh, it all made sense now. How blind I had been!

Various emotions coursed through me: misery, despair, anger, and rage. But two only two emotions could be felt distinctly – the burning hot feeling of self-preservation, and freezing cold fury. Both of them mixed with the adrenaline, running through my veins, eating me from within.

‘You can tell your darling Sweetie that I do not have a crush on him anymore.’

I couldn’t believe I had just said that. I had doodled his name in my personal diary for a year. I had admired the way his dark brown hair stood out regally from the rest for two years. I had written wild adventure stories with him for three years. And I had known him for four years.

‘Liar,’ Mohan said, and laughed.

I’ve become so numb / I can’t feel you there / I’ve become so tired / So much more aware / I’m becoming this / All I want to do / Is be more like me / And be less like you…

All sounds had been drained out. I was not able to think coherently. I vaguely realized that I was cracking, cracking beyond repair. I was cracking right in front of the girl, whom I had consoled after her first breakup. What will she even think of me now? I had no answer.

I bent my head on the hard wooden desk. Priyanka put her hand around me.

‘It’s him, isn’t it?’ she asked.

I nodded mutely.

‘Let the tears flow, Mads. They will cleanse you, they will heal your soul.’

‘I’ve cried for over three months now, Priyanka. I don’t have any tears left,’ I said, my voice rough with concealed emotions.

‘Just let it go, Mads.’

My mind had this annoying habit of playing BGM whenever I experienced any strong emotion.

Let it go, let it go! / Can’t hold it back any more.
Let it go, let it go! / Turn away and slam the door.
I don’t care what they’re going to say / Let the storm rage on / The cold never bothered me anyway.


This was the song that played when the first, salty, tear slid down my cheek.


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