Dentists : A Pain In The Tooth

I have ALWAYS been scared of dentists. Who hasn’t???

And I’ve always been the unlucky one in my family forced to visit them every now and then. No, I don’t eat chocolates. Nor do I eat all those mouth-damaging sugars. But cavities were always attracted to me. And so were dentists.

Their thin, long, instruments; their smiling faces as they prepare to torture the patients; the fake look of understanding and sympathy as they say “Everything will be all right”, when everything will NOT be all right; all these and more freak me out.

Yes, I really, really hate dentists.

Once you enter their ice-cold clinic, they’ll smile at you, and seat you on the torture seat, and tell everything’s gonna be alright, while thinking of the best way to cause you as much pain as possible.

They inject you with some tooth numbing liquid. It pains a lot and you wince. They smile at you, and say everything’s gonna be alright.

Then, they spray your tooth with all those disgusting sprays that is supposed to make your tooth ‘stronger than ivory’. You scream due to the shock and force of the spray. The dentists smile at you and say everything’s gonna be aright.

Finally, with sharp instruments, they fill the cavity with cement, and accidentally poke your gums. You cry out in pain. They STILL smile at you and say everything’s gonna be all right.


After the torture is completed, they charge you an exorbitant fee. No, you say. I didn’t get the tooth pulled out, I just came for the free oral health check up. Sorry, the now-unsmiling dentists say. That offer has expired.

Yeah, they are right, since the offer didn’t exist only.

So, dear dentists, please don’t pull our pockets on the pretext of pulling our teeth.

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