Meet my new love:

Andrew Scott


The Sherlock fan part of me knows him to be Jim Moriarty. It says , “This guy is evil, stay away. He owes everyone a fall.”

The girl part of me nows him to be this incredibly adorable/cute/hot/stunning guy and says, “OMG! Just look at him! OMG! OMG! OMG! Awwwww…”

Talking from my sane side, man, Andrew Scott is some actor. Even though I’ve seen him only in Sherlock (all the episodes, though), it is easy to see that he is damn versatile.

He goes from the flirty Jim:


To the extremely sociopathic (and may, I add, psycopathic) Jim Moriarty:


Then to an uber cool thief:


 And suddenly transforms into a scared Richard Brook:


Only to revert back to the crazy consulting criminal:


But the fact is, he is devillishly awesome. And has me wound around his little finger *sigh*

So whose YOUR favourite Sherlock character? Or your favourite actor for that matter? Just let me know in the comments below!

P.S. – This post was just an excuse to post Andrew Scott’s pictures. And did I mention that he is freaking hot???