Happiness is Pav Bhaji!

Pav Bhaji

Pav Bhaji

One food I’ve always loved is pav bhaji. Not heard of that? No wonder. It’s not as famous as other Indian food like vada pav, pani puri, rasogolla, etc. Technically, a pav is a type of bread eaten with a gravy called bhaji. Occasionally served with butter, lemon and onions, this food has made my world wonderful to live in.

I was introduced to this mouth-watering fast food (a healthy one) at the age of five. It has been love between us since then. If I’m happy, pav bhaji makes me exhilarated. Depressed, pav bhaji cheers me up. Angry, pav bhaji calms me down. In adversity, it helps you think. I believe there is nothing pav bhaji can’t do.

Besides, it is pretty healthy too (provided it’s hygienically made). The vegetable-filled bhaji is testimony to that. Okay, maybe because I’m a teenager, what I might find healthy must be pretty unhealthy to others (Fats in butter! Carbohydrates in pav! How unhealthy!)

Whatever. I would recommend that everybody should eat this delicious food at least once in their life.

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