Strange, how I never saw you

For who you were

And you never saw me

For who I was.

But still.

Your elegant handwriting

Is imprinted in my mind.

Like leaves between the pages

Of a book that was left behind.

But still.

The sounds the keypad made

When I dialled your number

Ring as fresh and familiar

As the rhythm of my heart.

But still.

Your jibes, your taunts,

Your needs, your wants

Get drowned in the memory

Of your tinkling laughter.


Strange, how time can make

Hell seem beautiful

As if it were viewed through

Rose-tinted glasses.


The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Officially, the year ends today. Here is a brief overview of my life this year.

The Good

On the academic front, life rocked. I excelled at everything relating to studies. Told you before, I’m a nerd 😛 I forged a bond with my crazy cousins (finally).I shed my complain-box nature and became more accepting. I stopped being judgmental. I learnt to differentiate between true friends and fair-weather friends. I became more trusting. I was finally accepted by my classmates despite all my flaws.

The Bad

I discovered that I was very, VERY jealous and possessive (typical Scorpio traits). I broke my heart over and over again over the wrong person. I earned a crappy reputation in front of my parents by being in the wrong company, and doing silly things on the sly. I’d lost my parents’ trust, and am still working to regain it. And yeah, I still continue to suck at sports. Damn.

The Ugly

Well, the ugliness was the worst part of this year. I found out that my best friend had spread malicious rumors about me. We are not friends anymore now. My ex-crush knows that I had a mad crush on him. Even more disheartening was to discover that a girl whom I considered my friend turned out to be a bitchy back-stabber (who, incidentally, has a crush on my ex-crush). I spent months locked up in my room and cried. I wrote pages in my diary, dripping with angst and sorrow. I lost many nights sleep, I developed an addiction to oily food, cocoa, and caffeine (I got rid of them now, though).


  • To get rid of laziness (impossible)
  • To blog once a week (maybe possible)
  • To forgive and forget
  • To simply let it go

Now, I realize my stupidity, and learnt valuable lessons from them.

I hope no one suffers a fate like mine.

A very happy and prosperous New Year to my pals in the blogosphere 🙂