OMG! 1000 Likes!!!



So maybe it’s taken me centuries to reach here (not really, just 547 days) to reach 1000 likes, but I made it anyway, so YAY! Thank you dear followers, likers, commenters, trolls, flamers…for helping me reach here. Especially for the latter two for steering clear away from my blog (and making my life easier)!


Today is International Peace Day, and the only question people are asking is whom I will make peace with. After five minutes of deliberation, I made up my mind. A person with whom I’m unforgiving. A person whom I bitterly ridicule. A person whom I look down upon. A person whom I blame whenever anything goes wrong. A person, who uncomplainingly fulfills my bidding, but remain unthanked for. I’ll make peace with that person.

I’m making peace with myself.


You make me feel pretty,

Charismatic, clever, and witty,

Intelligent, strong and gritty,

Stopping people look at me with pity.

Where do all these traits go,

When I’m without you?

I’m left insecure and unconfident,

Away from you.

As a response to Mara Eastern’s Poetry 101 Rehab – Away.


A Year Old!

Hey guys! I’m glad to say that The Epic Blog ha officially turned a year old today! Now, where’s the applause? *looks around expectantly*

Honestly, I can’t believe that I’ve made it so long here at WordPress. All my thanks go to you guys for all your encouraging words! Thank you so much 🙂 And thank you, WP 🙂 You all made my life epic!

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Little Acts Of Kindness

Over the ages,

The heart has grown cold,

Unfeeling, uncaring,

Breeding hatred and enmity.

As time passes by,

The heart freezes,

Untrustworthy and slippery,

Rude to one and all.

Little acts of kindness,

Like feeding animals,

Like buying some gifts,

Like donating clothes.

Little act of kindness,

Like praying for others,

Like helping a friend,

Like spreading some joy.

Little acts of kindness,

Warm everyone,

Thaw the heart,

Make you smile.

Little acts of kindness,

Done everyday,

Make the world,

A happier place.

I hope this poem, inspired by Mara Eastern’s prompt, thaws your heart too!