Blushing cheek and artificially dimpled chins,

Rosy lips and pearly teeth within,

Curly blonde hair and very fair,

Her eyes are blue and shaded too.

See her as she flaunts her designer clothes,

On the way to the mall.

Ignoring friendly hellos and wishes,

Blatant disregard for a small child in rags on the road,

The poor, stoned dog lying in the winter cold.

Laughing mouth with uneven teeth,

Beauty shining from her brown eyes,

Goes the black-haired woman.

Calling out to friends, foes, and strangers alike,

With a cheery deposition and friendly smile.

Dropping a lost beggar-girl in an orphanage,

Buying a loaf of bread for a dog out in the cold,

All while on the way to work.

Skin-deep beauty makes other people love you,

A beautiful heart makes you love yourself.

My stereotypical poem takes its inspiration from Mara Eastern’s Poetry 101 Rehab – Skin Hopefully, all my beautiful blogosphere friends won’t take offence at my use of the coventional stereotypes!!!

Little Acts Of Kindness

Over the ages,

The heart has grown cold,

Unfeeling, uncaring,

Breeding hatred and enmity.

As time passes by,

The heart freezes,

Untrustworthy and slippery,

Rude to one and all.

Little acts of kindness,

Like feeding animals,

Like buying some gifts,

Like donating clothes.

Little act of kindness,

Like praying for others,

Like helping a friend,

Like spreading some joy.

Little acts of kindness,

Warm everyone,

Thaw the heart,

Make you smile.

Little acts of kindness,

Done everyday,

Make the world,

A happier place.

I hope this poem, inspired by Mara Eastern’s prompt, thaws your heart too!