Chocolates, cakes, and candies,

Are bitter in front of your friends’

Sugar-coated lies that never fail

To charm you.

Really, is sugar that important

To you in life?

Doesn’t it cause decay and rot,

In its wake?

A bit of bitterness

Won’t harm you.

Rather, it will help you see,

The harsh reality of life.

So come on, wake up,

Chuck your sugars out of the window,

For sometimes, it is better to be bitter,

Than regret for believing in sugary lies.

In response to Mara Eastern’s sweet Poetry 101 Rehab.

Foggy Memories



Cruel, cold, and frosty was how you were,

When we parted.

I hardly remember anything of that fateful day,

My memories foggy with time.

Unwillingly do I think about you now,

For you hinder my vision,

Suffocating me and blurring my eyes from seeing clearly,

You do more harm than good.

Hazy and misty are my thoughts about you,

Dulled and diminished.

Time is indeed a thief, for it has stolen,

Whatever I had left of you.

For Writing 201: Poetry