Introducing: The Phoenix Initiative



Hey guys!

My friends and I have started a social project called The Phoenix Initiative. It is the rallying cry of teenagers against something they have to face and endure everyday – gender stereotypes.

No, liking pink does not make you “girly”, nor does liking to play sports make you a “tomboy”. Being a guy who loves to dance doesn’t make you “effeminate”. And oh, did I mention that every human has the right to cry without being judged?


We, the Phoenixers, believe that even if we have changed a single person’s mindset, we have done something towards a better, safer world. We may not be old and wise,but we do know what is right and what is not.

We are sure that you too would have faced situations like this before. Join us. Rise from the ashes.

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Crashing dreams,

Crumbling hopes,

Cataclysm raining,

As everything comes to an end.

Squeezed out of life,

Suffocated under broken thoughts,

Struggling to breathe,

What can you do?

Rise from the ashes,

Like a phoenix,

Gold and scarlet,

Bright and burning.

Loyal and faithful,

Like a phoenix,

Steadfast and sturdy,

Head held high.

Why chose to die forever,

When you can rise,

From dead thoughts and hopes,

Like a phoenix?

Inspired by Linkin Park’s Iridescent and Mara Eastern’s Poetry 101 Rehab.

Tailing Tales

Tales, tales, tales.  Educating tales, inspiring tales, cool tales, scary tales, tales are everywhere. All of us MUST have heard some or the other tale in our life, whether it is a far-fetched one or not.

What do these tales teach us? Yes, they provide us pastime, but what else? Contrary to what others say (‘tales won’t help you succeed, man’), tales teach us a lot of things.



Take, for example, the tale of a phoenix. A mythical gold-and-scarlet bird, whose tears have the power to heal the most grievous of wounds and make incredibly faithful pets.

But the most prominent thing about the phoenix is that after it dies (in fire), it rises from its ashes and lives for another five hundred years.

What do we learn from this? Don’t be afraid to cry, tears heal you. Be faithful to those who care for you. And most importantly, don’t give up hope, even if you fail, you will always rise from the ashes.

The seemingly simple tale of the phoenix teaches us so much. Share this post with everybody who thinks reading tales are a waste of time. Go on, read some more!

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