Some Thanks, And Now Introducing: Storybook Sundays!!!

Okay, I’m not as excited about Storybook Sundays as this was the most cliched title I could ever pick. Before I can rant on what this series is all about, let me tell my readers and WordPress one thing: thank you.

I don’t know how many times I can thank you guys at WordPress out there, and my readers as well. Reason? Well, thanks to my new-found addiction of blogging, I have got 79 marks out of 80 in my English half-yearly examination. I’m incredibly happy, as I rocked my school being the highest ever scorer in English, all time, since the school began way back in the 80’s.

My English teacher is pretty happy with my blog too, so a big thank you to her too: for her lenient correction (ahem) and excellent teaching.

Coming to Storybook SundaysIt has taken me a while to realise that I’m utterly incapable of writing short stories, so I’m calling it quits (thankfully). But it has also sunk in that there are millions of other stories in many other languages, that do not garner the attention they deserve,

So in Storybook Sundays, you will not be prosecuted with my own attempts, but with various delightful tales of love, mystery, romance, suspense…Well, you get my cliched point.

Starting this Sunday, there will be a story a week. Love it or hate it, (I hope) you cannot ignore these poignant tales.

Adieu, my readers!