Top 5 Fictional Characters I Learnt From


It is Teacher’s Day here in India! Commemorating that is today’s post on what I learnt from fictional characters… 

5. Sherlock Holmes from Sherlock


What I learnt:

Okay, this one is quite superficial, but *shrugs* learning is learning!

  • How to deduce people


  • How to survive when shot in a non-fatal area


  • How to use clever insults!


4. Isabella “Bella” Swan  from The Twilight Saga


Before you all click “Unfollow” and run away, I’d like to add this – she taught me what NOT to be.

What I learnt:

  • To not be as selfish, stupid, petty and (insert choicest negative traits here) as her.


  • She is engaged to the man of her dreams, and the only thing she does is whine about how he is sooo over-indulgent and caring towards her (and how annoying that is). Gee, Bella. I feel so sorry for you.


  • Fine, she chooses Edward over Jacob. That means that she should let go of Jacob, so that he can find someone for himself. But oh no, Bella has the cake, eats the cake, and takes the cakes of others as well.


3. Anne Shirley from Anne Of Green Gables

Ah, finally, a sensible heroine 🙂


What I learnt: 

Anne taught me that it is okay to be wildly imaginative and trusting, always hoping for the best while preparing for the worst. She actually made me feel normal and accepted at a time where everybody was calling me ‘weird’ and ‘freaky’ for being dreamy:




and just a *teensy* bit dramatic:

download (1).png

2. Anthony Howard “Tony” Stark from the Marvel Cinematic Universe

This might come as a surprise to most of you (considering the events of Age of Ultron and Civil War) but Tony continues to be my first crush and all-time favorite superhero.

images (1).jpg

What I learnt:

Tony inspired me to dare to aim high, to not be afraid of failure, to be wild, impulsive and just plain arrogant and awesome. Be gutsy, be brave, and be proud. Considering that I have a tendency to hesitate before doing anything, Tony taught me this:




  1. Remus John Lupin from Harry Potter

This must come as no surprise, since I’m always talking about how my love for Remus Lupin, Werewolf Extraordinaire, is an eternal and undying flame kindled in my heart…Apart from the little things about him that makes me go “Awww,” here’s what I learnt from him.


What I learnt:

Your life may be screwed up as hell, but I have no rights whatsoever to take it out on others. Lupin’s kind and non-judgmental attitude towards everyone did wonders to my hard little heart. The way he treated others shows the strength of will he must have had, battling a terrible condition, but trying to not let it show. Wise indeed.

images (2).jpg

Granted, he had his moments of crippling inferiority which an insensitive soul may call ‘weakness’.  But I believe that he realized the gravity of his action only after Tonks became pregnant, so I don’t  particularly blame him for that, because all of us have experienced the “What have I done?” feeling before.

images (3).jpg

It does take a lot of courage to fight for the future even when it means certain death. And I deeply revere Remus for that.

download (1).jpg

Oh, and just ignore me choking here, It is just those damn onion-cutting ninjas.

download (2).jpg

But ending on a happy note (read: HP better than Twilight!!!)

download (3).jpg

Wanna argue with me about one of my nominees? Or just want to share the lessons you learnt from fiction? Feel free to share them below!







That’s pretty deep.

Because it’s not the fall that kills you, Sherlock. Of all people, you should know that, it’s not the fall, it’s never the fall. It’s the landing!

– Jim Moriarty from Sherlock







She thought it was flight,

So she flew with delight.

But she soon lost sight

And fell into the night.

Slowly, the rancid smell

Crept up her nose.

Slowly, the claustrophobia,

Swallowed her soul.

With fear in her eyes

And pain in her voice,

She was too late to realise

That she had landed in her pit of lies.








Meet my new love:

Andrew Scott


The Sherlock fan part of me knows him to be Jim Moriarty. It says , “This guy is evil, stay away. He owes everyone a fall.”

The girl part of me nows him to be this incredibly adorable/cute/hot/stunning guy and says, “OMG! Just look at him! OMG! OMG! OMG! Awwwww…”

Talking from my sane side, man, Andrew Scott is some actor. Even though I’ve seen him only in Sherlock (all the episodes, though), it is easy to see that he is damn versatile.

He goes from the flirty Jim:


To the extremely sociopathic (and may, I add, psycopathic) Jim Moriarty:


Then to an uber cool thief:


 And suddenly transforms into a scared Richard Brook:


Only to revert back to the crazy consulting criminal:


But the fact is, he is devillishly awesome. And has me wound around his little finger *sigh*

So whose YOUR favourite Sherlock character? Or your favourite actor for that matter? Just let me know in the comments below!

P.S. – This post was just an excuse to post Andrew Scott’s pictures. And did I mention that he is freaking hot???



So I’ve been binge-watching Sherlock so much that the only word that can define me is insane addict  SHERLOCKED!!!

I’ve been so Sherlocked that it is the only thing I’m talking about these days.

Friend – Yo, how did you score on the Science exam?

Me – I got 81.5 on 90.

Friend – That’s good! Then why the long face?

Me – Sherlock would have got more…

Friend – *face palms*

images And Benedict Cumberbatch is fabulous as Sherlock Holmes. The same class and elan, sarcasm, and wit cannot be seen elsewhere.

So guys, DO WATCH Sherlock. Life is worthless if you don’t. And for all the boys out there waiting for a glimpse of me:

images (1)

Poor, Poor Irene…

Irene Adlers

Irene Adlers

Well, we all remember the gorgeous Rachel McAdams as the American adventuress and thief, Irene Adler. We also remember the raucous Irene Adler, the dominatrix, portrayed by Lara Pulver. And after much hesitation, we think of Natalie Dormor’s Irene Adler, the Irene Adler who was also the evil Jamie Moriarty.

What do all these addling Adlers have in common? Their love interest – Sherlock Holmes


Rachael McAdams

Rachael McAdams as Irene

But how many of us remember the actual Irene Adler, the retired opera singer, married to Mr.Norton, had a romantic affair with the King of Bohemia, and considered Sherlock Holmes her ‘antagonist’? Not many.


Lara Pulver

Lara Pulver as Irene

What went wrong with this respectful lady? Probably that she was the only female to have outwitted him does not make her Sherlock’s crush. As a matter of fact, Holmes regarded Irene as his equal and was quite resentful of that fact. Not even Moriarty could equal that.


Natalie Dormor

Natalie Dormor as Irene/Jamie

So when did the ‘Irene-and-Sherlock-have-a-mutual-crush-on-each-other’ cliche start? Probably in 1969, by William Stuart Baring-Gould, who wrote Nero Wolfe of West Thirty-Fifth Street. He claimed that Nero Wolfe, America’s famous armchair detective, was the son of Sherlock and Irene. Maybe this might have led to all the ‘Sherlene’ ideas.


Whatever. I am very sorry for the poor Irene Adler. Why do people confuse this honorable woman into a seductress? The original Irene was happily married, and walked out of Holmes’s life as soon as her business with him was over. It is impossible that mystery, intrigue and elusiveness could surround such a woman.


Though all the other Irenes are good too, nothing beats Arthur Conan Doyle’s Irene Adler. And a few people think so too.

R.I.P. Irene…