Rushing into the ghostly arms

Of dark-robed Sleep.

Seated on a shadowy throne,

Engulfing me with dreams.

No other way to relieve myself,

No other way of escape.

No other way to run from the horror

Sleep is my only getaway.

A pretty sleepy response to Poetry 101 Rehab. Goodnight, sleep tight!


Dimming eyes,

Sweet lullabies,

As you enter the world of intoxicating dreams.

Where happiness is free,

And you are there with me,

Away from this world of fear and cowardice.

Dimming eyes,

Harsh, loud cries,

As you enter the cold world of death.

Which is dark and unknown,

But you are not alone,

Because I’ll be always by your side.

So we journey onward together,

While the world wishes us:

“Good night, sleep tight.”

As a sleepy slow response to Poetry 101 Rehab – Sleep.