The Future



What does the future hold for us?

Sunny gardens or dark tunnels?

Will it choose mind over matter,

Or will it prefer matter over mind?

What will be necessary in the future?

Is it brain over brawn,

Or brawn over brain?

How fickle is future indeed!

All we can do is persevere,

Through whatever may come,

And continue hoping for the best.

Though the future can’t be trusted,

It is in our hands,

To shape it the way we want.

For Writing 201: Poetry

Deserted Landscape



I face the long, undulating stretch of land,

The hot sun roasting my skin.

My parched throat yearns for water,

My feet wishes for some rest.

I remember the trees, flowers, and leaves back home,

As their fragrance wafted across my face.

The haunting memory of springtime haunt me,

As the lone and level sands stretch far away.

The last line of this poem is from Ozymandias by P.B. Shelly. This poem is for Writing 201: Poetry.

Ode To A Drawer



Oh, my dear drawer!

Made of polished mahogany,

You sparkle and reflect,

The happy person inside me.

You hold my personal diaries,

And lots of stationary too,

You also have my to-do notes,

So that I don’t get confused.

Oh, my dear drawer!

What would I ever do without you?

Pile up all the mess on my bed,

And realise your true value.

For Writing 201: Poetry.



“You’re so ugly!” they said,

“Awkwardly green and squiggly!”

“Wiggling around like you own the

World, but as worthless as you seem!”

So discouraged, I started to spin

A thin, flimsy web around myself.

Thus cocooned inside, I had some

Quite time for self-introspection on

Where I had gone wrong, what I had done

To deserve such treatment, when finally it

Dawned on me that I wasn’t the one at fault,

They were the ones wrapped in their own ideas,

They were the ones who went wrong!

Realisation washed across me

Wave after wave, cleansing me of

My preconceived notions of myself.

I spread my wings, breaking the cocoon.

Finally, I was free from the bondage I was

Voluntarily chained to, but not any more!

Suddenly, I was no longer the awkward

Squiggly caterpillar the world knew before.

I had bright, colourful wings, filled with hope,

For spreading love and happiness everywhere.

Now, I had metamorphosed into something so

Delightful, for I was a magnificent butterfly!